Starting June 2023 up to August 2025, Los Angeles, California created a “Breathe” program wherein they offer $1000 stimulus checks for individuals in ages 21-23 years old.

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$1,000 stimulus checks for eligible individuals in California | MARCA

LA County offers stimulus

LA offers 1000 individuals a stimulus of $1000 each to be distributed every 15th day of every month. This will continue for a span of three years.

The list of individuals to receive the offer has recently added another 200 individuals to expand their help.

To apply for this program, individuals must be ages 21-24 years old and are residents of LA California. Residents must have remained in foster care since they were 18 or after 18 years of age.

Only 200 people will be included unless you will add beneficiaries, then the offer would be available for up to 1,200 people.

The application will start on June 20 and will end on July 3, at midnight.

Breathe Program aims to provide financial care and stability to individuals who grew up in foster care. The three-year span of Breathe Program will give people an opportunity to decide what’s best for them and their future. A $1000 stimulus check will help people pay for their daily needs and offers them an income to rely on for the next 3 years.
The program is not called “Breathe” for nothing. Thus, it is a way of giving people a way to breathe by financially supporting them.

Addressing this certain problem would give people hope and more reasons to live, especially for those residents who have been struggling to survive financially. This will allow them to breathe and pursue their goals without any obstacles in financial security.

Breathe Program will provide all financial care for the next 3 years for foster-cared-residents that will be distributed every month. This will be enough to ease all the financial burdens felt by young people.

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