According to the report released by AP News, the ongoing investigation of Johnny Kitagawa founder of a major Japanese agency allegedly accused of sexual abuse focuses on preventing the recurrence of the reported cases.

Johnny Kitagawa, a powerful figure in the Japanese entertainment industry long reported different allegations he died in 2019. Even though there were many complaints and allegations against him, he was never charged with any crime.

Former prosecutor Makoto Hayashi said that the trials will be attentive to the victims who have bravely come forward and claimed to be sexually abused as youngsters while working for the company and to determine where Johnny and Associates failed. And what actions they could do to prevent the recurrence of the cases.

Since BBC News produced a special segment that focused on the alleged victims who claim to be sexually abused, other victims have also come forward. Even Okamoto chose himself and identified in the media. The alleged accusation of Johnny for sexual abuse lured victims to disclose the incident that happened to them is a red flag to the Japanese government of being behind the fight against sexual abuse and harassment.

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According to the Witness

Dozens and even hundreds of children were assaulted and abused while they are working at Johnny’s place. Some witnesses stated Johnny invited some of the newbie singers and dancers to stay at her luxury house, then he would call your name and ask you to go to bed early. Then that’s the time he would do it.

Huge multimedia companies in Japan are remaining silent about the issue of the sexual abuse of Kitagawa.

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