President Joe Biden vetoes the blocking of student loan payments.

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Student loan payments

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden fulfilled his promise to help millions of students in his country by vetoing his legislation to officially block student loan payments. This act saved millions of students who borrowed money during the pandemic.

The resume of the payments which was also announced earlier this month, was saved by Biden — blocking the student loan payment. According to Biden, he won’t back up from his promise to save millions of borrowers from the relief fund for student loans, which is why he is vetoing the bill.

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In CNN, the blocking of student loan payments is still in process, debt has not been canceled yet since the program is still managing legal challenges.

Since Biden pledged to veto the student loan forgiveness, if it succeeds, this will be the fifth of Biden’s presidency. This act was followed by legislation that would have almost blocked a DC justice program reform bill, the retirement investment rule, allowing managers to consider the picking investments that would rescind the hallmark water rule in multiple factors and a solution to block the temporary suspension of tariffs on specific solar panels.