On June 7, Police Department of Iowa, arrested James Hughes, 73, on charges of sexually abusing teenage troop members for years.

Iowa Boy Scout Leader Sexually Abusing Teenage Troops for Years

The Department of Public Safety, Iowa, announced on June 7, that the Police Department arrested a 73-year-old man from Iowa on charges of a third-degree in sexually abusing teenage troop members and six counts of lustful contact with minors.

According to True Crime Daily, the first report was made on March 18, 2021, wherein Hughes sexually abused a boy scout member that went on for several years. The first report urged the police to investigate more of this issue. According to the investigation, the incident happened in 2008 and recently happened in 2018. The allegations concluded that there were 5 victims of Hughes between 13-16 years old.

Hughes is a licensed therapist, and a boy scout badged counselor. Despite being a professional, Hughes would inappropriately touch the victims, persuade them, and force them without their consent. This will happen after Hughes would ask the victims to undress for appropriate measurements for the badge which is not necessary to do.

According to the 2008 incident complaint, he did talk about masturbation with a troop member and demonstrated it in front of the victim. While on the latest incident, he sexually abused a victim in his private home where he performed physical therapy sessions on him.

Investigations from the Police Department stated that Hughes was in the Howard County Jail with a bond of $46,000.

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