Indiana man, Michael Wilson after pleading guilty to his mother’s death.

Indiana man sentenced to 40 years in prison | Photo from Wish-TV

Cause of death 

On Monday, Michael Wilson was sentenced to 40 years in prison by a Vigo County Judge after pleading guilty but mentally ill to his mother’s death by fatally stabbing her. He was charged with burglary and serious bodily injury. 

According to the investigation by the authorities, the woman was identified as Gayle Wilson, 72. She was found by a relative, lying unconscious in her bedroom with multiple stabs on May 2021. Officers responded to the case saying, they found bloody garden shears. 

Michael Wilson’s plea and charges of murder and auto theft had been dismissed by the court and were replaced by 40 years in prison. Earlier before the incident involving his son, Gayle Wilson had told the police about her son’s condition being mentally ill and has not been taking medications lately. According to the Vigo County Prosecutor Terry Modesitt, the 40 years in prison had come to balance his plea agreement and his mental illness. 

This indication and resolution will put away Michael to harm anyone, especially his family and community. 

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