From midnight cravings to picnics, brunch, and parties, burgers are an all-time favorite of all age groups. That’s why uncountable burger makers are selling their burgers in different styles to win people’s hearts.

At that time when many competitors are around, you can’t stand out high in that with just good taste. You have to be exceptional in all ways, including packaging.

In this modern world, standard packaging fails to attract attention and satisfy buyers’ needs. How can you remain competitive when buyers are not content with your packaging or paying attention to your food items? As a result, Urgent Boxes should be your packaging partner:

  • Get 100% customer satisfaction
  • Seek people’s attention toward your burger
  • Increase your brand value and standard
  • Get never-ending sale
  • Earn extra profit and popularity

Durable Cardboard and Kraft Material Boxes for Burgers Packaging

Due to their high durability and resistance, cardboard & kraft material boxes can be utilized for custom burger boxes. These boxes can be freely used for food items packaging. They are food-grade materials and are not harmful to human consumption. Furthermore, they are 100% eco-friendly, recyclable, and more economical than other packaging materials such as plastic.

Condemnation-Free Gloss Lamination

The burgers are served hot, which causes stems inside the custom burger box. As a result, it starts getting soggy and tearing or crumbles. That’s why we do lamination or coating, which prevents sogginess and increases the box’s durability.

Also, the lamination and coating make the custom box highly resistant to environmental factors. Thus, the heat can’t pass through it, and the burger remains warm for a long time. Further, the lamination helps to seal the printed surface. Due to that, the ink does not spread, and food items remain to save from ink, which affects the food items’ taste.

Customize Burger Box with Printed Design and Brand Logo

Do you want to make people fans of your burger boxes? Our designing experts can create graphical and physical forms utilizing different shades & designs. You may select any design or image. For enchanting shades, PMS and CMYK color schemes can be employed. PMS provides infinite color options in comparison with CMYK. Our advanced and first-class printing machines ensure that there will be no variable printing, soft saturation, or contract issue.

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Custom Butter Wraps to Prevent a Greasy Surface

Do buyers complain about a greasy and soggy burger? Then it’s time to resolve that issue with custom butter wraps which are flexible and prevent sauces from spilling from the sides of the burger. Also, they are non-sticky and greaseproof. Due to that, they do not stick to the burger bun and remove easily without tearing.

Different types of greaseproof butter papers in the market may look the same but are different by nature. Here are a few suggestions for burger wrapping:

custom butter or sandwich paper

We don’t recommend butter wraps for burger wrapping. It’s because the sandwich paper wraps do not have a non-stick surface. Due to that, they stuck to the bun surface, which is not easy to remove. Therefore, it is also not suitable for baking.

  • custom wax paper

You can use custom wax paper for burger wrapping. It is a non-sticky surface because it does not stick to the burger. But you can’t use it for the oven because it is not heat resistant.

  • baking paper

The baking paper is also called parchment and bakery paper. It can be used for burger wrapping because it is greaseproof and non-sticky. Also, it does not burn when used for baking and warming burgers.

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