An illuminated sign includes signs that have some form of light. This can include neon lighting, fluorescent lighting, and LED lighting. Lighting can be placed in different parts of a sign, for example, signs can be edge-lit, trough lit,  backlit, etc.

Knowing the importance of illuminated signs UK is essential for business owners. For example, you want your business location to be easily visible after dark. However, having signs that light up at night does not guarantee you success. So, your signage should have built-in design features that help to promote your brand products or services.

Reasons to use illuminated signs 

Here are some things that can be done to illuminate custom business signs properly:

Send an important grand message

The best advertising doesn’t have to be aimed at making people want something they wouldn’t normally like. Some of the best awesome messages include bright signs and attractive graphics. 

Marketing 24 hours a day

Illuminated signs UK help you to advertise your business all day and all night. When you do not work 24 hours a day, the illuminated signs can still reach potential customers at all hours of the morning and evening. 

The more audience you reach with your brand-illuminated message, the more chances occur to grow your business.

Benefits of using illuminated signage

Different illuminated signs can help your business to get noticed. Whether looking for directions or traveling on a highway, signage, and lighting help grab the attention of customers making it a suitable advertising medium.

From housing LEDs and uplighting to interior lighting, there are many solutions for long-distance visibility of any building or location. Additionally, retailers often use digital signage to advertise limited offers and promotions. 

And in addition to building brand awareness and influencing customer behavior, digital signage can serve as a great outlet for spreading brand information.

Unlimited branding opportunities

Low-voltage LED signage lights can provide color-changing tones with the benefit of a white or light source. With dimming control, RGB signs lighting can produce over 3 billion color combinations to guide visitors, attract potential customers, and brand your business at all times.

Illuminated signs UK depend on the size of the building, the local code, and its location. Along with this information, signage designers can create a custom commercial signage design package. This package includes an illuminated sign with perfectly tailored branding with nearly unlimited possibilities.

Effective cost

The use of LED uplighting was a cheaper alternative to impact the stand-alone area. The Sky Tower Radar, a 150-foot-tall three-sided architectural masterpiece, achieved a complete light wash of the structure, top to bottom with three custom light structures on each side for the most impactful solution.

However, the use of a multi-color LED system allows it to change colors to indicate holidays, weather hazards, or support a local sports team.

Increased visibility

It is no denying that illuminated business signs are more impressive and attractive. The brightness of illuminated business signs makes your business brand stand out from afar at night. 

A well-lit and well-designed business logo emphasizes your customer service, complements your business’s reputation, and sets your business apart from your competition. It helps to see signs of the people passing by, which as result your business exposed to new potential customers 24/7.

Energy efficiency

Keeping your custom business signs lit every time seems expensive. So, you need to choose LED lights that may consume less electricity and prove cost-effective. Modern LED lights use 75% less energy than traditional bulbs and can last long. 

However, unlike traditional neon lights, LED bulbs do not fade while exposed to direct sunlight or adverse weather conditions. LED bulbs are also designed to last long and not have gases that can leak in any situation.

Low Maintenance

LED business signs are easily maintainable. They come with superior shine and performance and last for a long time. You won’t need to replace burned-out or broken bulbs for years to come. 

LED bulbs have the main benefit is that they are environmentally friendly. They can also continue to minimize the energy impact of your business.


Your light-up signs are a major component of your business growth or sales and are the most cost-effective strategy for 24/7 business advertising. in the business world, your business’s first impression is everything that helps you to make sure your business logo is clear and visible. Many customers will feel more safer and comfortable while visiting your business brand at night. So, simply put illuminated custom business signs are more memorable than other traditional signage.


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