Last week’s tornado swept through the Toledo, Ohio, neighborhood, allowing residents to register for financial assistance.

Point Place tornado cleanup efforts wrap up, financial assistance available
A tornado swept Point Place.

Residents affected by the tornado.

After a destructive tornado tore through Point Place in Toledo, Ohio, the local library has recently become more than just a place for books. People in the community are turning to the library for help applying for Ohio’s disaster assistance program, Prevention, Retention, and Contingency (PRC). Those who qualify and were affected by the tornado can receive financial aid ranging from $750 to $1,500, depending on their family size and eligibility.

According to WTOL, Officials have seen a significant increase in applications, with 200 received on Wednesday alone. The prompt distribution of funds offers hope to residents who are seeing adequate support from the government. Lucas County Commissioner Pete Gerken emphasized the importance of immediate financial aid to cover essential needs like food, childcare, and utilities.

Yesterday, checks totaling around $30,000 were given out, and an additional $20,000 is expected to be distributed today. Gerken acknowledged the financial difficulties faced by residents and emphasized that the program aims to provide timely relief and bridge the gap. Kristin Guthrie, a resident of One Point Place and a mother of two, expressed her gratitude for being accepted into the PRC program. She expects to receive $1,500 in aid by the end of the week. Guthrie highlighted the challenges faced by the community, where people struggle to make ends meet. Applicants can expect to receive their assistance checks this week. To learn more about the PRC program, please visit Lucas County’s website using the provided link.

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