Massive shooting on the Street

According to the news report released by The Guardian, a massive shooting happened last Friday, July 9 shortly happened around 9 PM at a party hosted by a clothing store across the intersection of Treat Avenue and 24th Street. Many victims were hit by the bullet in the said incident. Dying Breed was the name of the clothing store where the incident occurred. According to the Instagram post of Dying Breed, it is said that the store is going to celebrate its sixth anniversary at a block party.

Police take security measures after multiple people were shot on Friday night in the Mission District of San Francisco, California, on Friday. Photograph: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Eight of the victims are men and one woman. San Francisco police confirmed initially, that all nine victims are expected to survive their injuries. But on Saturday afternoon, the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital released a statement that one of the nine victims is in critical condition. Another victim is in serious condition. Four of them were in good condition, and three of them were already discharged.

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According to Police Report

Police Chief William Scott said that the incident that happened was “unacceptable”. He said in a statement that the investigators were already working on the violence happened. Policemen will be deployed where the incident happened. He added that people should not be scared to go out in San Francisco at night being another victim of a shooting incident.

Mayor London Breed said that first-aid responders were quick and noted that all victims are alive. He added in a statement that they are still working on the incident, investigating what exactly happened and what are the motives of the gunman, if they would get a lead, they will state to the public immediately.

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