Trump’s Summon

According to the news released by The Guardian, former president Donald Trump was charged for retaining national security documents in his office even if he is no longer the president. Hindering the government to retrieve the said documents.

Trump confirmed on social media his indictment. Trump’s lawyer received an email coming from the prosecutor’s office. The charges in the summon include: corruptly concealing a document, concealing a document in a federal investigation, engaging in to scheme to conceal false statements, and willful retention of national; security information.

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A Thorough Investigation Towards Trump

Trump is also under investigation for keeping the 2020 election results. The investigation started when Trump was found with 100 classified documents together with 15 boxes of presidential records. Officials in national security were alarmed when some of the documents containing national defense were also found which is controlled by the Espionage Act. The investigation of espionage has been focused if there were still remaining national security documents in Trump’s office in Mar-a-Lago which he is no longer authorized in safe keeping those documents after he left his office.

Evan Corcoran lawyer of Trump, last June he found 38 classified documents under the storage room of Donald’s Mar-a-Lago office. The lawyer told the justice department that there were no other documents found in the office, which was later interrogated when the FBI found another 101 classified documents.

Trump posted in his social media account “I AM INNOCENT”. On the later part, the former president released a video informing the viewers that he is innocent. He was in deep thought that what really is happening right now is all possible.

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