Residents can receive up to $50,000 through a statewide incentive program if they make modifications at home to save water.

Residents can get as much as $50,000 from a Utah rebate (Source: The U.S. Sun)

Statewide Incentive Program

From the news released by The U.S. Sun, the Landscape Conversion Incentive Program of the state is now open to Cedar City, Utah residents. The said program will pay an amount of $1.50 for every square foot of grassland removed and replaced with water-efficient planting. A single property can receive up to 50,000.

According to Teri Hartley, a member of Cedar City Council and board of the Water Conservancy District, residents who take part in the new turf removal program or new construction conversation requirements will aid in our city’s efforts to conserve valuable water, as well as improve the appearance of their yards and cut down on maintenance costs.

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Qualification Process

You need to submit your application to qualify, and the application need to be verified. Before their application is granted and a site visit is finished, residents shouldn’t kill or remove grass.

Residents in St. George, Washington City, Ivins, LaVerkin, and Santa Clara may participate in the program. The list of areas that qualify for the program will be posted online on the website of the Utah Department of Natural Resources.

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