O’Hare on Tax Exemption Programs

According to the news report of NBCDFW, Judge Tim O’Hare was long working on subsidies and excessive taxation. O’Hare was elected as Tarrant County Judge in November 2022 and started to serve his community on January 2023. He is dedicated to making improvements and development in his community. He has many plans in mind that would benefit the county. He is serving the community with full commitment to tax relief programs. His hard work has already resulted in and benefited many.

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10% Homestead Tax Exemption Granted

Last Tuesday, June 6, Tarrant County Commissioners approved the 10% homestead tax exemption for the John Peter Smith Hospital and for the county.

O’Hare was the first County Judge to offer tax relief to the community. O’Hare said that this is a very big advantage to the taxpayers. He was also looking forward and working on granting more tax relief to the residents. He will be taking advances in digging into every chance of another tax exemption might be granted to the county.

There are about 80 taxing entities in the county and O’Hare is planning to reach out to these entities so that more tax relief programs and subsidies will be granted to the county. Luckily that the county is surrounded by brilliant and united leaders that have the best plans for lowering property taxes statewide.

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