On the news released by Branson News, the University of Missouri appreciates and recognizes individual volunteers and community leaders for their hard work for the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance.

VITA on Action

VITA volunteers have assisted over 1,115 low to moderate families in Taney County in tax preparation and state tax returns for the taxpayers. Taxpayers have saved $257,400 in tax preparation fees because of the volunteers. The state was able to save around $29,160 because of the services provided by the VITA Volunteers.

VITA volunteers provide education to taxpayers while preparing their documents. They furtherly explain why and how tax returns work. Why others have gotten credit, why they have not, how to get a tax credit and etc.

Volunteers have a big role in the program. They prepare people’s taxes and listen to their stories, stories of how bad their day went, how good their day was going, and all other different stories they could tell and share with the volunteers.

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Economic Cuts to Families Because of VITA

According to LeMaster, the program allows the taxpayer to use the money they would spend on tax preparation for other people’s necessities such as gas, food, rent, and others. LeMaster added that in the present day that we are living, it feels so good to get something for free.

Special recognition was given to LeMaster, who served VITA as a volunteer for over 20 years. Special thanks were also given to Taney County MU Extension Administrative Assistant Lynda LaRocque for her efforts in the tax appointments and preparation to help the VITA program be fruitful.

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