According to at least one observer, the Internal Revenue Service is becoming significantly more efficient, with a “night and day” difference, utilizing and maximizing resources to cover what they have missed.

Photo of Income Tax Return For (Source: Audacy)

IRS on Catching-up to Their Backlogs Has a Positive Result

Based on the news released by the Audacy, the IRS is taking steps to reduce its backlog. Backlogged cases have been reduced by 80%, which is a significant improvement for taxpayers. The tax agency announced its significant improvement by demonstrating figures as a result of their hard work to fill in their backlogs. Last year’s backlog amounted to 13.3 million, while this year, in 2023, it had significantly dropped to 2.6 million.

From published news, Erin M. Collins of the Taxpayer Advocate Service said that overall, the difference between the 2022 filing season and the 2023 filing season seems like night and day, it reflects an improvement to before the outbreak levels.

And the agency’s advancements go beyond simply catching up on old cases. According to the I.R.S. data, more current taxpayers in need of aid are also receiving support. Other causes of the backlogs are due to some reason namely as follows: affected identity theft, incomplete documents, needs correction on the documents submitted, and all other different causes of the backlogs.

In the previous year 2022, only 11% of the total calls the IRS received were answered and addressed their concern. This year, it increased to 35% of the total call they have received were answered and addressed.