A boy identified as Enrique Padilla was charged and arrested for shooting a man in the theater, the two were fighting over a reserved seat, and the fight grew to violence resulting in death.

Enrique Padilla – Identified suspect (Source: True Crime Daily)

Respond to the Reported Gunshot

Based on the news released by True Crime Daily, on Sunday, June 25, officers from the Albuquerque Police Department responded to shots fired report at the Century Rio movie theater on Pan American Freeway and discovered one victim from the shooting incident with a gunshot wound who died at the crime scene. The suspect was arrested and had multiple charges, including open murder, shooting at a habitation or occupied building, conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, and tampering with evidence.

Padilla and Tenorio were reportedly in the theater to see “No Hard Feelings,” with Tenorio and his wife sitting in the seats that Padilla and his girlfriend had reserved. Padilla allegedly confronted Tenorio, and a theater employee attempted to break up the altercation. Padilla allegedly threw a bucket of popcorn at the pair before he and Tenorio began fighting. The fight then resulted in a shooting.

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The Suspect Tried to Escape but Caught

Padilla is accused of firing several bullets, striking Tenorio, then fleeing the scene. Padilla was trying to escape, but he has a gunshot wound in his stomach. He was spotted hiding in a bush by police, who quickly brought him to a nearby hospital for treatment. The investigation into who shot Padilla was still ongoing.

According to the Albuquerque Journal, witnesses in the theater saw a green laser before the shooting, and police later located a laser-equipped gun in the bushes where Padilla had been hiding.

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