In comparison to other cities of a similar size, Miami is a comparatively safe metropolis. However, there are certain undesirable neighborhoods and dangerous spots in Miami that should be avoided. Discover Miami’s most dangerous areas according to PropertyClub.

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How Risky Is Miami?

Particularly if you stay in the downtown and tourist areas, Miami is not threatening. Since many celebrities reside in Miami and it is a well-known vacation and tourist destination, the city’s police have made sure to keep it secure.

Model City – Model City is the most dangerous neighborhood in Miami. 25,023 people are living in this neighborhood, which is regarded as having the highest rate of violent crime in Miami. It is situated in the northwest part of the city, and a lot of the violent crimes committed there are related to the local drug trade. Model City frequently has driven-by shootings, kidnappings burglaries, and violent crimes involving guns. Murders rose steadily from year to year and by 40% between 2011 and 2013. Although there have been fewer crimes in the area recently as a result of increased police presence, it is still a dangerous area, so we do not recommend walking and bicycling solely during the day.

Overtown – Overtown is the most important historic neighborhood with a population of 9,640 residents living in this area. Crimes in the said place still occur despite the presence of the authorities deployed on the ground. In Overtown, physical assaults, shootings, and trafficking of illegal drugs are the offenses that are most frequently recorded. Violent crimes in Overtown were 124% more frequent than the national average in 2020. Even in a large group, it is not advisable to go biking or walking after dark due to predatory crimes.

Downtown – One of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Miami is Downtown. With a population of 30,500, Downtown Miami has a violent crime rate that is 186% higher than the national average. Residents will have a 10% chance of becoming a victim of any crime in 2022 and a 1.2% chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime. Daytime is the greatest time to bike or walk around downtown if you choose to do so. In this section of the city, gang activity is an issue, making it risky to wander alone outside of popular tourist destinations. In Miami, there are a lot of homeless individuals and panhandling is a problem. Keep an eye out for thieves and pickpockets even when using public transportation.

Allapattah – Allapattah, which has a population of roughly 48,221, is situated north of the city center also counted as one of the most dangerous neighborhoods of Miami. This area was formerly a Dominican residential community, but it now has a varied population. Allapattah does not have a lot of crime, although there are isolated incidents of it all over the place. Unfortunately, Allapattah has a poor image in Miami due to gunshots there. Crime rates are approximately 125% higher than the national average despite a strong police presence. During the day and evening, it is generally safe to stroll or ride a bike in Allapattah, but you should avoid the areas east of 9th Avenue and north of 20th Street because of their reputation for having criminal elements. Public transportation is accessible and generally secure.

Little Haiti – Little Haiti, which is situated just north of Downtown Miami and has a population of about 29,760, is a neighborhood. Lemon City is the name of the settlement that was formerly populated by immigrants from Haiti and other Caribbean countries. Little Haiti has a significant Hispanic population, yet high crime rates are an undesirable aspect of the dangerous neighborhood. Little Haiti is frequently the scene of shootings, assaults, and other violent crimes. Little Haiti has a 200% higher rate of violent crime than the national norm. According to the locals, the police are not present in this area. It would be advisable to travel to Little Haiti during the daytime as midnight can be hazardous.

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More Places in Miami to Evaluate the Risk Factor

Little Havana – Little Havana, which is about 76,163 people strong, is a neighborhood west of downtown Miami. Little Havana is renowned for its Cuban culture and dining establishments. Violence caused by gang activities is still a problem, though. Despite a recent decline in crime, property crime and violent crime are still prevalent and also counted as one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Miami. Many locals believe that the police presence is insufficient. In the vicinity of Little Havana, which is a popular tourist site, safe areas can be found west of 22 Ave and south of 8 St. It is possible and secure to travel by public transportation.

Wynwood – Wynwood, which is situated south of Little Haiti’s Design District and north of Miami, has a population of about 17,923 people. Car theft, vandalism, assault, and other types of theft are frequent types of property crime. Although this area is safer than 23% of Miami, Florida’s neighborhoods, violent crime rates in this area are 285% higher than the national average. Police say many violent instances go unreported despite there being 726 violent crimes and 6,542 property crimes reported in 2021.

West Flagler – West Flagler, which lies west of Miami and has a population of about 49,734, is a suburban area. In this area, you might be allowed to wander both during the day and at night, but you shouldn’t go alone. Burglaries occur often in this neighborhood, where there are many small-time crimes. In total, there are 2,427 crimes per 100,000 people, and 2,158 of those involve theft, vehicle theft, and burglary.

Upper Eastside – The Upper Eastside is another one of Miami’s most dangerous neighborhoods. The area lies east of Little Haiti and is home to 7,725 people. This neighborhood has a very high rate of violent crime. This region is a particularly dangerous place to live since violent crime there is 230% greater than the national average. However, there is a significant police presence, and they respond to crimes quickly.

South Coconut Groove – The area’s 7,956 residents commonly refer to it as The Grove. When it comes to Coconut Grove, there are differing opinions. North Coconut Grove is typically 55% safer than the rest of Miami. The danger level is higher in South Coconut Grove, particularly at night. Violent crime is 12% more than the national average, while overall crime is 5% higher than it is nationwide. However, there are police present, so riding or walking is often safe.

Miami is not a very hazardous city overall, and even some of these districts have places that are well-liked by tourists. However, being aware of your surroundings and exercising common sense could help you avoid becoming a victim of crime. Given this, organizing a trip shouldn’t be difficult!

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