“She died for no reason,” Paola Nuez Linares’ husband tells PEOPLE. The widower and mother of a 37-year-old woman who was fatally shot in an apparent road rage shooting incident in Texas on Monday are now opening up to PEOPLE about their loss.

Zane Jones and Paola Nunez Linares. (Source: GOFUNDME)

Husband Loses His Wife Due to Road Rage Shooting

The female was hit by several rounds fired at them by someone in the other car. The female was driving their car, according to the female’s husband, who was present. According to a news statement from the Hurst Police Department, a husband and wife, and another car were involved in the suspected road rage shooting incident on East Loop 820 in Hurst, Texas. The husband then identified himself as Zane Jones and said that his deceased wife’s name was Paola Nuez Linares in a statement to PEOPLE. According to NBC5, Linares has transported right afterward and eventually passed suddenly at Fort Worth’s John Peter Smith Hospital.

In his statement to the publication, Jones claimed that he was passing the other car, a different car behind sped up, going around 90 mph, and was on his bumper. The other driver, Jones continued, “slowed down a little bit and shot through the back of left window into the back of her head, and I didn’t know that she’d been hit in the back of her head at all. She ducked, I thought, and I ducked too, and I said, “Get out, stay down, I’m getting off. The suspect shot again and it went through my headrest, through the windshield. The suspect’s car is a small, older model, dark-colored car, according to the police.

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Husband and Mother of the Road Rage Shooting Victim in Grief of Her Death

He describes her as being “so interesting.” “She was amazing at everything she did. Knowing her right away was unlike knowing anyone else,” he says. “She was a trained photographer, a trained chef, and a tarot card reader.” He continues, “I couldn’t get enough of knowing her. “Our relationship grew organically right away.”

Jones tells PEOPLE that his “wife was the most surprising person I’ve ever met.” “We met on a Switchfoot fan page — a band we both love,” he continued. I’ve never had a connection like that with anyone, but she responded to a brief I sent on Messenger, and it quickly developed into a friendship.

The Guatemalan-born Linares “never planned on living in the States,” according to Jones. She assured me a hundred times that she had no intention of settling in Texas. Before spending 10 days in Guatemala to get to know “her family, her culture, and her country,” Linares visited Jones there a few times as their relationship progressed.

Ana, who relocated to be with Jones from Guatemala after the murder, speaks with PEOPLE and describes her daughter as “a free spirit” who was “very loving and caring for other people. She described her daughter as the happiest when she was with Zane. According to Ana, they have “everyday” discussions, and she describes their relationship as “very, very close.”

According to the witness, they discussed Linares’ upcoming visit to Ana two hours before the shooting. She was like a little light everywhere she went, the woman continues. Just like a tiny angel. That was my child.

A report from the advocacy organization Everytown for Gun Safety indicates that between 2018 and 2022, the number of gun-related road rage shooting injuries and fatalities nearly doubled. To assist with funeral expenditures and the cost of getting Linares’ family to and from Guatemala, a GoFundMe page has been created.

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