One Redditor lost all patience when a neighbor’s abandoned pool turned into a haven for mosquitoes.

Abandoned Pool (Source: u/Pickleliver / Reddit)

Abandoned Pool Becomes Mosquitoes’ Home

Based on the news reports by Yahoo! News, they were unable to go outside this past summer, the irate Redditor remarked that even ten seconds outside, half a dozen mosquitos would jump on them and bite them. In addition to the fact that mosquito bites hurt, this Redditor claimed that the insects pose a health risk. “In mosquitoes where I live (coastal Texas), Zika has been reported,” they said.

When dialogue has gone down and legal action is being considered, some homeowners turn to the subreddit r/legaladvice, where the message first surfaced. In this instance, a linguistic barrier contributed to the issue. The family who owns the abandoned pool cannot be approached since they do not speak English, the Redditor claimed.

Instead, the Redditor asserted that they addressed the authorities, including their homeowner association (HOA) and the city’s code enforcement, with a drone-taken photo of the abandoned pool. They claimed that the HOA would not accept their photo as proof because it violated their privacy and could not be seen from the street.

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Comments on Resolving the Issue of Growing Numbers of Mosquitoes in the Abandoned Pool

The Redditor claimed that code enforcement similarly informed them. He claims that the brick wall prevents him from simply peering over it, and since he is two doors away, he is unable to see inside the abandoned pool with his own eyes. You can’t look over it since the property is under foreclosure. They did, however, include the ominous image in the Reddit post. The abandoned pool in the picture was a brilliant green, more vivid than the neighboring grass, and it was obvious that algae had taken over.

One commentator advised researching the city code and your HOA rules to see what regulations apply in this case. “Creating a risk or a nuisance probably has some significance. Include any applicable direct quotations in a letter to the HOA or the city’s code enforcement.”

A different user proposed “vector control programs,” which are initiatives to combat potential “disease vectors” like mosquitoes that can infect people. Search for “[name of the city or county] vector control.”

A practical solution was provided by a third commenter: When my sister placed about 40 pet store goldfish in my mother’s abandoned pool, there were schools of fish there for years. The fish didn’t seem to require much attention; they ate the mosquito larvae and seemed pleased with the algae. Other quick and eco-friendly ways to combat mosquitoes include naturally repelling plants and Mosquito Dunks.

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