Source: law and Crime

In a published report from Law and Crime, there were six bodies of women found within a 100-mile radius of greater Portland months along February and May. Rumors and speculations are spreading around about a possible serial killer despite the police’s doubts about the theory.

Source: law and Crime
Source: Law and Crime

Prosecutor’s Statement

The found bodies of Portland police were named Ashley Real, Bridget Leann Webster, Kristin Smith, Joana Speaks, Charity Leann Perry, and one unidentified woman.

Mark Piepmeier, the prosecutor of Hamilton country who prosecuted four serial killers during his career, believed in the theory of serial killers but does not want them to be labeled as serial killers to avoid panic and frighten the community.

Piepmeier said that the six dead bodies found appeared to be of the same type of victims. And some serial killers are into a particular type of victim.

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Details of 6 Dead Bodies Found

Kristin Smith’s body was found on February 19 in a wooded area by Portland police. There were still no leads on the cause of death.

The body of Charity Leann Perry was found by Multnomah County deputies last April 24 inside a culvert together with the undetermined body of a Native American Woman.

Bridget Leann Webster’s death was reported suspicious and found by Polk County sheriff’s deputies last March.

On April 8 the dead body of Joana Speaks was found in Ridgefield, Washington, and labeled her death as a homicide according to the Clark County Sheriff’s Office.

Ashley Real’s body was found by a fisherman under a heavily wooded area and reported to Clackamas County deputies last May 7. Her death was also labeled as suspicious. She was last seen in a fast-food restaurant in Portland last March 27 and reported missing on April 19.

The renowned prosecutor told the Portland police to investigate closely specifically on the time of the day these women are missing and where these women were last found before they went missing or were found dead. It could be a key to plotting a trap for the said serial killer.

On the other hand, Portland police have already tapped detectives from private agencies to fast-track the investigations

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