A woman who lives in North Carolina named Mary Collins was stabbed 113 times in an apartment, wrapped in a plastic bag, and placed in a mattress found on April 4, 2023.

James Salerno, left, and Mary Collins, right. (Mecklenburg County Jail; screengrab/WSOC)

An Intellectually Disabled Woman was Mercilessly Murdered

Her death was described by her grandmother as like an animal in a slaughterhouse. Her granddaughter is helpless, intellectually disabled, and weak since her brain capacity is only for 15-years old due to her DiGeorge Syndrome. Lavi Pham 23 years old, and Kelly Lavery 24 years old were alleged to be the ones who lured Collins to come into their apartment and plan to kill her in vengeance for refusing to have sex with them. The two of them were known to be friends of Collins, the Prosecutor claims.

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According to Investigation Reports

After the dead body was found, James Salerno, Lavi Pham, and Kelly Lavery were arrested and charged with the same crime. Salerno had just spent 3 years in jail, initially his bond was denied, but later it was released. While Lavery pleaded guilty to slaying and has a 25-32 years sentence in state prison. While Pham is in jail waiting for trial.

The prosecutors pointed to Salerno’s cell phone as a piece of alleged evidence that he was involved in the crime. According to the data from his phone, he was in the apartment when the crime happened. There were also found in his notes app the list of cleaning products which was also found in the crime scene investigation.

According to Alderman, a local CBS affiliate WBTV, since the prosecutor has enough evidence, they should not allow these men to walk around and can hurt innocent people. They should be arrested and put in jail and wait for their sentence or trial.

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