Melody Sasser (Facebook)

A 47-year-old woman named Melody Sasser has been arrested for trying to hire a hitman from the dark web to kill the man’s wife she met at the social media

Melody Sasser (Facebook)

Interview with The Victim

In an interview with Federal authorities the wife of retired Air Force veteran David Wallace, believed that Sasser is the potential person who want her to be dead. Wallace and Sasser met on social media and became hiking friends when they were living in Tennessee. Sasser became infuriated when Wallace informed Sasser that he is engaged and sooner they will be moving to Alabama. The last year 2022, Sasser appeared uninvited to the newlywed’s home and left various threats, “I hope you both fall off a cliff and die”, Sasser told Wallace. Wallace’s wife’s car also reported that her car was vandalized using a key. And she was also receiving unpleasant calls from unknown phone numbers.

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U.S. District Court File Report

According to U.S. District Court for the Easter District of Tennessee, a criminal complaint was filed against Sasser. When the authorities received information that a woman has been a target of a murder-for-hire plot. The suspect used a screen name “cattree” on a dark web-hosted site known as Online Killer’s Market, “OKM” to plot the murder of a woman married to David Wallace.

The investigator reported that Sasser had an initial payment through Bitcoin and placed an order for a hitman to plot the murder of Wallce’s wife on January 11, 2023, in Prattville, Alabama. The scheme must result in random and will look like an accident. Sasser’s order for murder included a photo of Wallace’s wife, home address, car’s plate number, and even the office’s address.

By March, the job was not accomplished and Sasser became frustrated and questioned the delay of the task. The initial payment made by Sasser was investigated and followed the money train of the said transaction. It appears that Sasser had the Bitcoin purchased and transferred the funds to the alleged killer she hired on OKM, as per the affidavit.

On May 16, Federal authorities took custody of Melody Sasser and charged her with one count of murder for hire. If Sasser would be convicted, she will face 10 years imprisonment. She is still scheduled to appear in court on June 8.

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