According to the news published by Law and Crime, a 33-year-old girlfriend named Brittany Battaglia was found dead her head almost cut off stuffed into a duffle bag of his boyfriend Genesis Silva. Silva was convicted as a sex abuser in Illinois.

Victim Reported Missing

On June 4, Battaglia was reported missing. Quamieshia Greathouse, her best friend, and roommate noticed that Battaglia did not come to the party as they planned. Her concern for Battaglia grew more when she tried to contact Battaglia about their booked flight the following day. She knew that something happened to her best friend because she knew that Battaglia would not want to miss this fight. At that moment, Greathouse reached out to Battaglia’s brother AJ Battaglia, who was the one to find that her sister’s location function had been turned off.

AJ posted several tweets on social media about her missing sister. According to AJ, they received a call coming from the detectives that they have found her sister dead in his boyfriend’s apartment. Before Battaglia went missing, she told her roommate that she will be going to her boyfriend’s apartment. A search warrant was released in search of the victim at Silva’s place. Detectives pulled over Silva on Sunday night and asked him to wait outside. Allegedly, Silva tried to sneak into the residence through a back staircase bringing a bag. Silva was taken under the custody of police when he tried to escape.

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Police Investigation

According to the police report, Battaglia’s body was found together with a garbage bag, a tarp, and cleaning supplies. Inside Silva’s backpack was found a machete that tested positive for Battaglia’s blood.

Greathouse told the police that Silva should have long been in prison when he tried to kill her. According to the records of Illinois State Police, Silva was convicted last 2009 because of aggravated sexual abuse. Silva is scheduled to appear in court on June 20 for trial.

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