According to news published by AP News (Las Vegas), A woman who spent more than seven years in the state psychiatric care was scheduled for a trial on the accusation of purposely plowing pedestrians, resulting in one person’s death on the Las Vegas Strip.

Trial for the Accused

A tourist named Jessica Valenzuela from Buckeye Arizona was the one who was killed in the plowing incident. Authorities declared at least 35 other tourists from Mexico, Canada, Oregon, Pennsylvania Washington State, Colorado, Oregon, Florida, and California were injured during the incident. On the incident, Morton was together with her daughter inside the car who was 3 years old at that time. Her daughter is now under the custody of Morton’s husband, the father of the child who lives in Texas.

A few days before the incident happened, Morton traveled from Portland and passed through several cities in the U.S. Canada before arriving in Las Vegas. She even told the police officer that she and her daughter had been living in the car and even repeatedly guided by the casino security officers to be out of the casino parking area.

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Will it be a Parole for Morton?

Paris Paradise Morton, accused of plowing pedestrians and resulting in a death of an Arizona woman, remained silent during the scheduled trial. Since she knew she will stand trial on May 2024 for murder and other 70 felony charges in the incident that injured many and killed a woman just before the Christmas of 2015.

Last month, Morton rejected a plea bargain that might have a possibility of a grant of parole and avoid a trial sending her to jail because she had an odd feeling about attending the court appointment scheduled. Morton could face life imprisonment if she gets convicted on the trial. As of now, the length of the sentence was not disclosed in public.

Anna Clark, the Deputy Clark County Public Defender continued to present Morton last Thursday and said that they are still working on Morton’s defense. Morton is already 32 years old and prosecuted as Lakeisha Nicole Holloway the name she gave to the authorities. Weeks before the incident happened, she had her name legally changed from Holloway to Morton.

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