Akira Ross was killed by a stranger following an argument at a Cedar Park gas station. Photo courtesy: Darranisha Graham

Shooting Incident Under Investigation

According to news released by AP News, a woman named Akira Ross 24 years was shot and got killed in a gas station near Cedar Park, 20 miles North of Austin.

According to the initial report of Cedar Police, they have identified a suspect shooter named Bradley Standford. Last Sunday, June 4 the warrant of arrest was released. The alleged shooter was arrested in Inglewood Texas.

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According to Document’s Report

Standford was charged with one count of murder. He was turned under the custody of San Patricio County Jail before he was transferred to Willamson County last Wednesday. Police did not give any statement regarding the possible leads of the said shooting.

Ross’s partner told the Austin America-Statesman that he was able to record on his phone some parts of the confrontation before the shooting happened. According to Ross’s partner, there was an intense argument between Ross and the gunman. The gunman yelled gay at Ross before firing the gun at Ross. Ross’s partner turned over his phone to the Cedar Park Police.

Ross’s father named Anthony Hill told the Central Park Police that the possible motivation for the shooting was blind faith, it looks like a hate crime.

Based on the initial investigation conducted, Standford and Ross are not acquainted with each other.

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