Based on the news released by AP News, Zachary Capers 27-year-old from southwestern Illinois a mentally ill person sentenced to 60 years in prison after he pleads guilty to the deaths of an Edwardsville couple.

Carper Guilty of the Death of the Couple

Capers was charged with one count of first-degree murder after an associate Madison County judge accepted his guilty plea. The three counts of first-degree murder were dismissed after his plea. The Collinsville man plea agreement orders him to serve 100% of the sentence, with a credit of four years served. Carpers pleaded guilty

Capers was accused of a serious crime in April 2019 for stabbing to death of the couple, 79-year-old Michael Ladd, a contractor, and her wife Lois Ladd a 68-year-old chiropractor. His motive for stabbing the couple was still unstated. Mike Ladd had 29 stab wounds in his upper body while her wife Lois was stabbed in her head and neck. Pieces of evidence were found on the crime scene according to the investigators together with Illinois State Police who responded in the reported incident.

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Suspect under Treatment for His Mental Illness

Carper was initially unfit for trial because he was mentally ill. however, after receiving medications and therapy treatment at a facility operated by the Illinois Department of Human Services, Carper was declared fit for trial. The prosecutor stated that Carper pleads “guilty but mentally ill”, meaning he will be eligible for mental health treatment during his incarceration.

A huge number of the victim’s friends and relatives attended the hearing. According to Michael Ladd’s sister, she was afraid that the suspect might withdraw his plea in a 30-day trial. However, they felt relieved for justice is served to their brother.

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