Affirmative action was abolished by the supreme court, protections for LGBTQ+ couples were curtailed, and Biden’s student loan forgiveness program was rejected.

The U.S. Supreme Court has eliminated consideration of race as a factor in college admissions, setting new limits on affirmative action in higher ed. Sonia Rincon has more on the landmark decision. (Source: ABC 7 News)

Biden’s Respond to the Supreme Court’s Affirmation

According to the reports released by ABC7 News, in response to the three significant decisions made by the Supreme Court, lawmakers are taking matters into their own hands. John Trasvina, a former dean of the University of San Francisco School of Law, stated that the court is either informing Congress or the president that they overstepped their bounds.

Affirmative action was effectively abolished by the Supreme Court on Thursday, while rights for LGBTQ+ couples were only partially restored on Friday. The High Court also rejected President Biden’s plan to cancel student loans.

Trasvina noted that the President is currently attempting to do just that, saying that Congress can enact legislation. Legislation can be approved by the president as long as it follows Supreme Court precedent.

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Biden’s Options in Back-up for the Rejection of Student-loan Forgiveness

“This new path is legally sound,” declared Biden. It will take longer, but in my opinion, that is the only way to ensure that as many debtors get served. Additionally, politicians from the other party claim that the decision of the Supreme Court to reject Biden’s programs has turned to the right political authorities.

According to the Nebraska attorney general, Mike Hilgers, “this issue now goes back to where we originally belong, which is Congress.” From the perspective of our office, it is that branch—the one that is closest to the people and has the power of the purse—that is prepared and constitutionally empowered to attempt to address this particular issue.

Additionally, Trasvina warns that greater political posturing is to be expected as the nation enters an election year. He stated that there is an immediate response that they will reverse whatever the bad Supreme Court did to the opposing party or perceived to have been done by the opposing party. With discussions about term limits and extending the Court, the Supreme Court itself is expected to come up during campaigns.

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