Project Launching and Objectives

Based on the report published by 102.7WBOW, THPD (Terre Haute Police Department) will launch an innovative pilot program immersing the skills of social workers in their department in partnership with non-government agencies Union  Health Foundation, United Way of the Wabash Valley, and the Wabash Valley Community Foundation. The government-private partnership funded the program to operate for three years and was financed by the four involved entities.

The main goal of the program is to minimize the repetitive calls and welfare checks that the department regularly receives. The role of the social worker will be the one to cater to the mental health and welfare checks that the department is currently receiving. They will be connecting to different individuals to cater to the needs of the community.

The program was purposely brainstormed and developed to address the community issue of increasing needs. TPHD recognizes about an average of 3000 calls per year related to mental health, welfare check, suicide attempts, loitering, overdoses, and others.

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TPHD on Mental Health Issues

The three non-government agencies’ partner recognizes this as a great opportunity to hire social workers to address the communities’ mental health-related reports and calls. Chief of THPD Shawn Keen said in an interview, that there is really a huge need for bringing social workers in the THPD. Although the department has the resources, Chief Keen believes that social workers could better serve the community in terms of mental health issues. And that police officers will be focused on the safety of the community.

The THPD is currently looking for a social worker and looking forward to hiring someone by the month of July. They are looking for qualified individuals with Licensed Indiana social work and master’s degrees. For additional information, you may contact THPD at 812-238-1661.

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