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You will know when is the right phase to advance in your relationship. This means planning to propose your better half. A proposal can not happen without a ring. But how will you know what ring your spouse will like? Hence, before finalizing everything, go through some ideas that will help you identify your partner’s taste in rings.

Ask Your Spouse Directly

You can ask your partner what types of rings she likes without hesitation.

There may be chances your spouse might have a ring design in her mind. Maybe your partner wants a customized ring. By this, you can go to places that can design an engagement ring for your spouse. It is essential to take your partner’s suggestion because If you give a ring according to your preference, your spouse might not like it. 

Giving a ring is not something small; you can’t ruin it by adding your choice. Some people are very particular about rings and find the right time to ask their spouse. 

Take your spouse out for dinner. Try to hint to your partner that you plan on proposing soon. Then ask your spouse what types of rings she prefers, give some options to her, and ask her to select. 

Go Window Shopping 

Shopping with your partner is another way to help you figure out the ring your spouse likes.  

Don’t buy the ring in front of your spouse. Take your spouse to some places that are famous for engagement rings. Going with your spouse will be fun and memorable, and you will have the closest hint, which is good. Enter the shop and notice what rings are attracting your partner. 

There is no hurt in asking her to try a few. Trying a few will also assist you in confirming the actual ring size of your partner. Take an idea of which ring your spouse loves the most. Looking at some engagement rings together will allow you to select a good one. 

Be Observant or Seek Advice 

Friends are the closest people to your partner. If you don’t have the slightest clue regarding your partner’s taste in engagement rings, friends might come in handy. 

Your partner might have talked about this topic with close friends, and her friends might have an idea, even if it is just for fun. Take the opportunity and talk to your spouse’s closest friends. This is an admirable approach, particularly if you want to keep this all a secret. The peers will for sure provide their assistance to you in finding the perfect ring.

Talk to your partner’s siblings or parents if the friends are uncertain. You will also be aware of what ring your spouse plans to wear. Maybe your partner wants to wear a family ring or her mother’s ring.

Observe your partner’s choice of jewelry 

Noticing your partner is an excellent way to know which ring will be perfect. See what type of jewelry your partner likes to wear. Does she prefer sparkles and diamonds? Or does she love decent and light wear? Also, notice the types of rings she wears at events like prom, farewell, or graduation ceremonies. Are the rings delicate? What stones are there on the rings? 


Take a look at your partner’s Pinterest account. As the proposal days are near, your partner might be looking for some jewelry designs. You can get a close idea of what type of rings she prefers from her Pinterest. 


Proposing is not an ordinary event and should be full of excitement and romance. It is a special moment where nothing can go wrong. You must be trying your best to perfect every arrangement. Keep yourself alert of what ring types your partner loves. Even if you have no clue, ask your partner, as there is nothing wrong with having a conversation. Just try to implement the ways mentioned above.

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