A Hispanic man between the age of 35 and 45 believed to sexually assault a 4-year old child at  Rainbow Beach bathroom, a public beach at Chicago.

The sexual assault happened at around 5:30 PM on Tuesday at the bathroom of Rainbow Beach where there were no cameras.

The suspect who sexually assault the child was not yet identified due to the loose security of the beach.

Andre Smith, the CEO of Chicago Against Violence, revealed the sketch of the suspect for sexually assaulting a 4-year old child.

Smith said on the Fox News  that the sketch of the suspect is similar to the suspect who also sexually assaulted an 11-year old girl while on her way home  from school last November.

The sketch of the Hispanic man who sexually assaulted a 4-year old child. (PHOTO: Fox News)

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Smith Warned Parents Of The Safety Of Their Children In Public Places

Smith warned all the parents in Chicago with the safety of their children at public places especially where there are no cameras.

Smith even questioned the Rainbow Beach why there were no cameras on this place. He was hoping that the said place be renovated to ensure everyone’s safety and comfort.

The sketch of the man who sexually assault the child had been spread already by the activists who gathered last Sunday afternoon based on the report of Fox 32 Chicago.

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