Explore the 140,000 Texas’ highest-paid state agency employees over a hundred state agencies and how their tax salary are being spent.

Photo from Gazette Review

Government accountability

Those employees have been working with an annual salary of more than $100,000. State workers who make more than this salary would possibly have an outlay of $1.24 billion people with a total average of salary — $133, 293.

According to a published article in Dallas Business Journal, the highest-paid staffers are mostly entrusted with managing the investments of several states’ “defined-benefit plans” — the Teachers Retirement System of Texas and the Employees Retirement of Texas.

Highest-paid employee?

Jase Auby is said to be the highest-paid employee in Texas. He had been working since 2009, and is currently the chief investment payroll. Auby runs within a $184 billion pension fund and was named as his current role after a decade in December 2019.

More than $444, 500 retirees rely on their checks to Auby to ensure that it will arrive each month. Nearly 928,000 members also rely on Auby who has been actively contributing to the funds.

The funds and major allotment of pension funds were mostly contributed to stocks, investment bonds, and real estate. Over 36.1% — $66.1 billion is said to invest primarily in public equity. $31.5 billion (17.2%) for private equity, $30 billion for real estate (16.4%), and $24.3 billion (13.3%) for government bonds.

Auby ensures that funds for retirees will be there at their time of the month, which earns her an average of $312.50 per hour. The agency issued a state release of more than $13.2 billion in payments for the retirees and their beneficiaries.

Next to Auby, the second highest-paid employee is Dr. Michelle Le Beau who joined the CPRIT in September 2021, a chief scientific officer at Cancer Prevention & Research Institute which he received an award-winning cash of $3 billion from the Texas Legislature in addition to pursuing his research regarding the disease and its prevention.

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