Fresno City of Detroit proposed a pilot program that would be used to encounter retail theft.

Photo from KMPH

Pilot Program

Fresno City of Detroit announced its new action to help fight retail theft and property theft. The project is called Project Spotlight and it involves installing cameras in local retail enterprises that were targeted by crime and will send an emergency warning to the City’s Police Center.

The Business Journal mentioned that the project was based on a project that was successfully implemented by Green Light in Detroit, Michigan.

Green Light Project began by placing cameras at eight stations in Detroit with signage. The success of this program was hit by 550 participating commercial businesses.

To purchase the cameras, the estimated revenue of Detroit is between $4,000-$6,000, plus a green flashing beacon to represent the business. In signing in to this program, it is mandatory to have a cost of $400-$650 to be part of this program.

This program in Detroit will fund the cameras and signage of the chosen retail businesses in connecting the technical assistance to its Police Department Center.

According to Luis Chavez of Fresno City, it is their priority to take action and keep watch on preventing their community of property crimes.

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