CCEDC launched “Project RECONNECT” to provide funds for at least 100 students across the county.

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Project Reconnect


The Chester County Economic Development Council (CCEDC) has just introduced “Project RECONNECT,” a new program that provides financial aid to southeastern Pennsylvania students who may face obstacles in finishing their degrees or certifications. This initiative will assist at least 100 students in Berks, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery counties with various expenses, including tuition, childcare, transportation, and more. Preference will be given to students pursuing healthcare professions.

In Vista. Today’s article, “Project RECONNECT,” is a program designed to help students pursuing careers in healthcare, such as EMTs, nurses, and dental hygienists, overcome various obstacles. These challenges include limited transportation options, financial difficulties, childcare responsibilities, and health issues, all hindering their progress. Lead Navigator Bethanie Emery emphasized that the program is dedicated to offering financial support for re-enrollment and ensuring the necessary assistance is provided to overcome these barriers.

The CCEDC oversees this unique partnership between counties and urges students to apply on their website promptly, as in-person and online programs may start this summer. The Chester County Workforce Development Board manages the grant received from the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry.

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Patti VanCleave, the VP of Workforce Development at the CCEDC, stressed the urgency of the opportunity and urged students to apply right away. She emphasized how the program can positively impact students’ future by supplying skilled workers to industries in southeastern Pennsylvania. To be eligible, students must have left their post-secondary education within the last two years, maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0, and have less than a year left to obtain their certification, associate’s, or bachelor’s degree. Each student will be assigned a Success Navigator who will offer guidance and support and connect them with employers and workforce development programs until completion.

“Project RECONNECT” seeks to tackle a range of support requirements, such as covering tuition fees, offering flexible schedules, providing childcare and transportation assistance, promoting health and wellness, offering family support, ensuring language access, facilitating internet access, and providing aid for food and housing insecurities.

For more information on “Project RECONNECT,” please visit the Chester County Economic Development Council website.

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