A travel on   Maryland is a once-in-a-lifetime experience about road trip. Maryland’s scenic byways will satisfy one’s quench for a real adventure.

Maryland became a vital hub for western migration and a route of goods from west to east markets.

Western Maryland has a scenic railroad that could lead one to experience the history of transportation in a somewhat realistic account.

At this modern times where many love road trips and adventures, Maryland’s scenic byways must be included in the list to visit.

Maryland’s scenic byways will satisfy one’s quench for a real adventure. (PHOTO: Thrillist)

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Experience Maryland’s Scenic Byways

The western part of Maryland is divided into two scenic byways, Mountain Maryland Scenic Byway and Historic National Road Scenic Byway.

Mountain peaks and dips surround  the Mountain Maryland Scenic Byway that extended through Oakland, Deep creek lake and Cumberland. Thos byway reaches a peak of 2,894 feet on Keysers Ridge.

Mountain Maryland Scenic Byway is ideal for adventurous, romantic and nature-lover persons due to the forests and trails that can be passed by.

Once on top of the peaks, the beauty of the nature is breathtaking.

Another Maryland’s scenic byway is the  Historic National Road that starts that had its starting point in Baltimore City.

Historic National Road Byway passes through Rocky Gap Casino Resort to National Road Toll gate House in LaVale going to Pennsylvania and Illinois.

These two Maryland’s scenic byways are also good venue for bike-riding, camping and hiking.

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