A Checklist Of Essential Documents For A Swedish Schengen Visa Application

Swedish flight and hotel reservations for Schengen visas are only accepted when the applicant meets the visa application requirements. The Embassy will only take Schengen visa application forms and supporting documents in A4 format.

Therefore, the applicants are advised to fill out the forms in English or Swedish. Applicants stress a lot about completing the mandatory documents that they need to pay attention to the application’s necessities. Yes, documents are vital for an application. But submitting in the format, size, and according to the government’s rules are equally mandatory for the application to progress.

The applicants planning to apply for Swedish Schengen Visa, this blog is for them!

Documents issued by the authorities in the country of origin from where the applicant is applying are also to be submitted together.

When Applying For A Visa, The Applicant Must Submit The Following Documents:

  • Visa Application Form: The applicants have to submit a visa application form which has to be complete, and payment has to be made. Just filling out the application form and leaving it in the cart does not mean the application is progressing. Payments are mandatory. Once the payment is made, the application will proceed.
  • The passport must be valid for the applicant’s stay in the Schengen area for at least three months. The applicants need to pay attention to significant documents. It is the biggest blunder they make. Applicants must check their mandatory documents when planning to apply for a visa. If they are not valid, they must update them. The passport, if not expired, must have at least three blank pages for visa stamp when the applicant enters Sweden.
  • If applicable, a letter from the employer that confirms the applicant’s employment status. If the applicant is a student, he has to submit a letter from the college verifying his course, the year of enrollment, length of study, and attendance. Every visa application category must mention the subject line and purpose of entry in the cover letter. For the cover letter, the applicant must keep in mind that there must be no ambiguity. The application will be accepted if the applicant is evident with his cover letter.
  • The applicant has to submit original bank statements, often known as proof of financial means. These documents are necessary because the visa officer has to know whether the applicant can bear the trip’s expenses or not.
  • Proof of accommodation or confirmation. The applicant has to submit evidence of accommodation so that the visa officer knows that he has made the necessary arrangements for his stay in the country. Also, after his stay’s due date, he will return to his home country.

At the stage when the applicant has to make flight reservations and dummy hotel bookings, he will require the following documents: 

A Valid, Personal Travel Medical Insurance That Covers Costs For:

  • emergency medical treatment
  • transportation back to the applicant’s home country
  • travel insurance must be valid in all Schengen states.

These documents are necessary for every visa application category. However, the applicants must be careful while submitting visa applications that Swedish visa officers might ask for translated documents into Swedish. Also, the applicants have to be vigilant while applying that their documents are up to date. If the papers are close to expiry, they must be renewed before using them, as the expired documents do not work for the visa application process.

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