A 23-Year-Old teacher was hit and killed by a drunk driver while changing a flat tire on Interstate 94 in suburban, Detroit.

Drunk woman drinking alcohol while driving

A Tragedy of a Young Teacher

Young teacher Connor McMahon was changing a flat tire that rainy day of June 13 while going home from a game in Detroit when suddenly, a Drunk driver accidentally hit and killed her.

It was a “heartbreaking tragedy.” school Principal Ryan Sines said. It was tragic news for the staff and students at Fraser High School.

The 25-year-old suspect responsible for the murder is a 25-year-old woman (not named). She was intoxicated with alcohol; “The evidence will show that she caused the death of Connor McMahon, a much-beloved teacher,” Wayne County prosecutor Kym Worthy said. She is charged with murder and two other crimes.

“The messaging about drinking and driving has been around for decades. It cannot be repeated enough.” Drunk driving laws in Detroit Michigan are very strict.

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Drunk Driving Laws in Michigan

It’s illegal to drink and drive in the state. According to the reports, about 30% of accidents in Michigan alone are caused by or involved with alcohol.

The state is very strict for those under 21 years old drivers; it is illegal for them to consume any contents of alcohol. Meanwhile, for 21 and above drivers, driving or operating any vehicle with BAC or Blood Alcohol Content of 0.08 or higher is considered a crime, and with each offense increased, more criminal penalties will be charged.

The first two offenses will result in a misdemeanor; 3 or more offenses are considered a felony. Drinking while driving resulting in injuring or killing someone is a felony offense. 

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