Two men are facing murder charges, while another individual is accused of aiding their escape after a tragic drive-by shooting in Silverton, Ohio, resulted in the death of a 9-year-old girl.

3 'cowards' charged after 9-year-old girl died in 'unspeakable' drive-by shooting
Three cowards charged after the death of a 9-year-old girl in a drive-by shooting.

Drive-by shooting

At a press conference, Hamilton County Sheriff Charmaine McGuffey labeled all three “cowards.” Ryan Brown, aged 27, has been charged with aggravated murder and is held on a $2 million bond. Qasseem Dixon, aged 25, faces charges of aggravated murder and possessing weapons while under disability, with a combined bond of $2.6 million.

Law enforcement officials recovered an AK-47 and two other firearms and are working to determine which weapons were used to fire the 28 rounds that targeted the home of 9-year-old Da’Myiah Barton-Pickens on Monday night, according to Law&Crime’s article. Sheriff McGuffey believed that at least the AK-47 was used, emphasizing its association with warfare.

Da’Myiah was struck by a bullet and tragically succumbed to her injuries at The Jewish Hospital. Demario Williams, aged 22, has been charged with carrying concealed weapons and possessing weapons while under disability. He allegedly became involved in an attempt to hide the crime. Sheriff McGuffey conveyed her deep sorrow and anger over the appalling murder, describing it as unspeakable.

Sheriff McGuffey revealed that investigators suspect the shooting was motivated by retaliation linked to a possible “drug issue.” However, the intended targets were not present at the time. The sheriff did not disclose the identities of the other two individuals present— a child and a woman. McGuffey mentioned the possibility of additional charges against the three suspects.

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During their escape, Dixon and Williams were involved in a crash while evading the police. A woman sustained minor injuries when her vehicle was clipped but is expected to recover. Ryan Brown was subsequently apprehended without incident.

Da’Myiah was known for her vibrant and joyful personality. She was a cheerleader for the West Side Panthers youth football team. Her grandfather, Michael Barton Sr., expressed how deeply she was loved by everyone who knew her. Joy Warfield, an Alliance Academy of Cincinnati staff member, described Da’Myiah as an adored student.

A GoFundMe campaign has been set up to support Da’Myiah’s funeral expenses, allowing the community to unite during this tragic time.

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