A doctor, Robert Hadden, 64 of Englewood, New Jersey, has been receiving threats in jail after being convicted of sexual abuse to patients.

Robert Hadden | AP News

Sexual abuse to patients

In January, Robert Hadden, a 64-year-old doctor, was convicted on charges of sexual abuse to hundreds of patients during his journey as a gynecologist. He was locked up in Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. He has been receiving threats by inmates — falsely believing as a child molester. Lawyers said that patients’ allegations stated that they were sexually molested in their vulnerable times. He will be sentenced on July 24, however, patients will have to make their statements on July 28.

According to his lawyer, Hadden has been receiving multiple threats in his cell which brought fear to him every day. He was threatened by mostly violence and was forced to hand over his commisionary items such as food or stamps. He goes out in his cell to shower and phone calls only. He’s been trying to stay alive inside despite the threats that brought him fear.

His lawyers added that his hands would tremble everytime he hears a sound. His situation made him lose about 35 pounds and his skin was covered with rashes. Even so, he is trying to cope with his fears by engaging in religious acts and tutoring his other inmates. Hadden’s act of sexually abusing patients would make him stay locked up in jail for decades. This penalty will most likely make him suffer more violence and threats — if this will continue.

According to AP NEWS, Hadden pleaded guilty in 2016 allegedly saying that it involves a smaller number of women than what the federal court said. This required him to surrender his medical license according to his plea. After serving two hospitals — Columbia University Irving Medical Center and New York-Presbyterian Hospital made him quit his career after serious and multiple complaints from patients. During those trials, Hadden declined the allegations and was supported by his lawyer saying, he didn’t know where the patients came from.

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