Dallas may receive $90 million from DART to spend on road projects, transportation, and sidewalk improvements.

Photo from The Dallas Morning News


For the rapid expansion of the city’s current sidewalk and population, DART may finance the road projects and sidewalk improvements for better service and to excess the tax revenue and COVID-19 relief funds for citizens.

The city needs a satisfactory check that is inclined to consent to the Americans With Disabilities Act. AXIOS mentioned that about 2,000 miles of Dallas’ walkways and a portion of it need refreshing.

The officials have given attention to this matter, however, they said they need $54 million to fund the curb ramps of the city.

The DART’s money would most likely go to fund the addition of more ramps since the city needed about 1,700 ramps. Moreover, the city’s supposed fund for the sidewalk project will be a tentative allocation of $10 million, $6 million for the traffic lane markings fund, and for about $2 million will be for the bike lane.

This matter is focusing to develop more infrastructure to build new and more housing. Dallas is a developing country and this will be their new project to focus on. With this plan, it may take years to fully develop and finish.

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