Veterans with PTSD

A Vietnam veteran suffering from PTSD and is residing in Oklahoma allegedly kills his wife because he was having dreams of an attack, leading to the question, “Can veterans with PTSD own guns?”

Vietnam Veteran
Vietnam Veteran suffering from PTSD becomes the prime suspect in his wife’s tragic death. (Photo: Sage Neuro Science Center)

Can Veterans with PTSD own guns?

The question, “Can Veterans with PTSD own guns?” has arisen after a Vietnam veteran named Charles Bradly in Oklahoma allegedly killed his wife. The 75-year-old man has also said to be suffering from PTSD. After calling 911, the veteran stated that he is confident that his wife was shot after he found her on the floor laying in her blood. When the Tulsa Police Department arrived, they saw the husband crying and trying to start CPR.

A published article in Law and Crime states that the veteran was taken into custody after being read his Miranda Rights. He then shared with the officers different series of stories about what happened. He told them that he was having dreams of an attack and that he woke up due to the sound of his wife’s alarm. He got up then he saw her on the floor unresponsive and covered in blood. Charles Bradly was then charged with first-degree murder and pleaded not guilty and was released after posting $70,000 of his $1 million bond.

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