Brian Walsh, the suspected killer of his wife, Anna Walsh, took two authentic paintings by Andy Warhol owned by a South Korean friend and display the paintings on eBay for sale.

The court hearing for the murder case of Ana Walshe is still going on with Brian Walshe as the main suspect.

He is facing a mandatory verdict of life imprisonment without parole once proven guilty of the death of his wife.

Aside from his wife’s murder, Brian Walshe was indicted last March, according to the Norfolk District Attorney, Micahel Morrissey,   “for misleading a police investigation/obstruction of justice, and for the improper conveyance of a human body,”

Brian Walsh, the suspected killer of his wife, Anna Walsh. (PHOTO: Boston Herald)

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Brian Walshe Sold Fake Paintings

Brian Walshe pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud, possession of converted goods, and unlawful monetary transactions in April 2021.

Recently, he allegedly stole two Andy Warhol “Shadow Paintings” that were owned by a South Korean friend. Brian Walshe display the paintings on eBay for sale and gave the fake paintings to the buyer.

Federal prosecutors caught two bank accounts that would connect to his counterfeit Andy Warhol art case.

A federal judge signed an order requiring Brian Walshe to forfeit $225,000 in cash and return  Warhol’s original painting to the owners.

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