Social Media Live Streaming

Live streaming and social media are perfect combinations. With live streaming on social media, marketers can reach more audiences and engage with their targeted audience. Social media is a powerful tool and can have an impact on the audience. If you want to use social media live streaming it can offer various benefits. In this article, we are listing the benefits that you can expect from live streaming on social media platforms. 

Top 7 Benefits Of Social Media Live Streaming

Here are some of the benefits of social media streaming: 

1. Increase Brand Awareness 

All brands want to stand out from their competitors. And creating an image of the brand among its users is essential for them. Using live streaming services is a great brand awareness option. Live streaming will give event organizers a chance to show the raw side of the brand. They can give a sneak peek to the audience, give a glimpse of event preparation, etc. If you consistently use live streaming you can create brand images. 

2. Helps In Marketing And Promotions 

Social media platforms offer live streaming services that can help in the marketing and promotions of the event. Event organizers can collaborate and live stream with influencers for marketing and promotions of their brand. If you are hosting an event for a particular product or service with the help of live streaming they reveal their product and offer product demos. 

3. Cost Effective 

Live streaming services offered by social media platforms are free. If any event organizers want to live stream with different social media platforms they don’t have to pay for streaming or for using other streaming features offered by the platform. With live streaming on social media, event organizers will be able to reach their target audience without spending much. All they need is a good-quality camera and audio device, they don’t have to pay any amount for platform services. 

4. Wider Audience Reach 

Every brand or business wants to reach a huge section of the audience. Reaching more audience will help in building brand image and it will also attract more audience. Most of the brands have huge social media live streaming because they have no geographical restrictions, they can reach people around the globe. Most social media platforms notify your social media audience regarding your live stream which also enables you to reach more audiences. 

5. Audience Feedback 

Live streaming services offer various benefits and getting live and instant feedback from the audience is one of them. With live streaming, you can directly ask your audience for their feedback. They will give you an idea about your event’s success. With live streaming, you can also host a quick question and answer session with which you will be able to gather the opinion of your audience. 

6. Generate Leads 

Live streaming can also help businesses and brands in generating leads. For instance, you are hosting an event but a few days before that you host a live-streaming session that is related to the event all the audience that will be joining your live stream can be your potential audience for the event and they will be the leads you can collect their data and engage with them after the event. 

7. Reusable content 

Another benefit of using social media live streaming service is evergreen or reusable content. Most social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook allow the host of the live stream to save and record the streaming session which enables them to re-use and re-share that content either on their social media feeds or they can download and share through email. 

Social Media Platform For Live Streaming 

Here are some of the most popular social media platforms for live streaming: 

1. Facebook 

Facebook live streaming is a popular feature on the platform.  Facebook offers live streaming services free of cost. Anyone can live stream on the platform all they need is an authenticated Facebook account. With the help of Facebook live streaming services, hosts can connect with their Facebook audience. The platform offers stickers, a chat option, and reaction for the live-streaming session.  If your audience is on Facebook then you should consider using live streaming features offered by Facebook. 

2. LinkedIn 

The next social media platform for live streaming is LinkedIn, it is a platform popular among professionals. LinkedIn live streaming services are mostly used by businesses and organizations who want to target professionals. Just like other social media platforms, even LinkedIn live streaming services are free. But there is one thing that you will have to keep in mind with LinkedIn is that not everyone can live stream on LinkedIn. You have to request access to live streaming on LinkedIn. 

3. Instagram

Instagram is a platform famous among a lot of individuals. Nowadays Instagram is becoming popular because of its video content. Many individuals are turning towards Instagram for short video content but that’s not it even Instagram live-streaming services are popular. If you want to interact with an audience on Instagram, live streaming is one of the best options. The host can chat with the audience, the audience can use features like the message, and reaction for engagement. Instagram also allows the audience to join the live stream with the host. 

4. Youtube 

Youtube is a platform famous for video content, you can find a variety of video content from different genres on youtube. Youtube live streaming is a feature that the platform offers free of cost. With youtube live streaming it is easy to reach your target audience. Most of the audience on youtube like to consume video content and that is the reason youtube’s live stream gets a high audience reach.

The Bottom Line 

We have listed some of the popular social media platforms and the benefits of live streaming on social media. If you want to consider live streaming then social media platforms are the perfect option because they are cost-effective, help in building a strong brand image, and can help marketers reach their goals.  A well-researched social media strategy can help you get your audience’s attention.

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