Danny Masterson and his two former attorneys were sanctioned by court on Wednesday for sharing sensitive discovery about his victims to the Church of Scientology.

Actor Danny Masterson


Last year, Superior Court Judge Charlaine F. Olmedo declared a mistrial for two different high profile case that was failed to reach a corresponding three separate charges of rape. Last week, Masterson was convicted of two case of rape following his retrial of sexually assaulting three members of the church in 2001 and 2003 at his home — Holywood Hills.

Two attorneys — Thomas Mesereau and co-counsel Sharon Applebam respresented Masterson on May 2022, they were taken off the case before the trial started. Masterson was later on charged of rape after several women filed an accuse to the suspect on June 2020.

Law and Crime stated, that Olmedo made a decision to initially keep their religion out for both of their criminal trials.

Masterson is still practicing Scientology as of the present, but due to his crimes, the charges from women he sexually assaulted made him stop to practice his legacy. Before the first trial, both the attorneys shared the sensitive information, including reports from the police and addresses of the victims to the church. They also shared the emails and conversations from text messages between the victims and Los Angeles Police Department investigators, including the alleged victims’ banking information.

Attorney Reinhold Mueller had asked as to why defense attorneys would share this sensitive information despite knowing that these are the victims’ concern.

At the end, both attorneys were sanctioned by court of $950 payment to be paid according to the court.

Trial for Masterson and his former attorneys is still ongoing. For further information click here.

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