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An Atlanta mom was arrested after it was found during an investigation that she placed her two sons inside an oven and turned it on.

2 Atlanta kids
Atlanta mom killed her 2 sons. She placed them inside an oven and turned it on. (Photo: IBTimes)

Atlanta Mom Faces Multiple Charges

An Atlanta mom is now facing multiple charges after she was accused of placing her two young sons inside an oven and turning it on. Police authorities identified the mother as Lamora Williams and she is scheduled to face her trial for another time after she did not appear before a Fulton County judge for a hearing.

In a published article in TRUE CRIME DAILY, Williams will face the following charges:

  • two counts of murder
  • four counts of felony murder
  • two counts of first-degree cruelty to children
  • three counts of aggravated assault
  • two counts of concealing the death of another
  • one count each of second-degree cruelty to children
  • making false statements
  • obstruction of a law enforcement officer
  • battery causing substantial physical harm

These charges are in connection with the death of her sons namely Ja’Karter Penn, 1-year-old, and Ke’Yaunte Penn, 2 years old. The Atlanta mom has been in custody since October 2017.

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Atlanta Mom First Denied the Allegation

According to a published article in Law & Crime,  the Atlanta mom called 911 and said “When I came in, the stove was laying on my son, on my youngest son’s head, and my other son was laid out on the floor with his brains laid out on the floor.”

The Atlanta mom accused the babysitter she hired but she could no longer be found. However, it was found by the investigators that she called through a video call, Jameel Penn, the father of her two sons. Allegedly, she showed the bodies of the two boys.

Investigators believed that the Atlanta mom placed her two sons inside the oven and turned it on. It was also reported that the other kids in the house were not harmed.

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