Authorities had found a dead woman following a car crash with her brother in New York State.

Evan Klink crashes into his sister’s car | New York Post

On Sunday, authorities identified a dead woman, Dahlia Klink, 24, after her brother, Evan Klink, crossed the center line in the town freedom in a 2006 Dodge Ram on Saturday and hit her 2005 Ford Focus. According to the New York State Police, Dahlia was rushed to the nearest medical center with serious injuries, but she was pronounced dead the following day. Another two individuals were identified along with Dahlia in her car; these are her daughters, Havannah Lopez, 17, and Molly Kibler, 6. They were also pronounced dead after being transported to the medical center. Another passenger was found by the police and identified as Dahlia’s youngest daughter. Police said she was transported immediately to the ICU at Oishei Children’s Hospital and is currently being treated for severe injuries. Evan Klink was also treated for severe wounds, while his passenger, Cameron Klink, was transported by air due to serious condition, police say.

Authorities said that the state’s police’s collision reconstruction is currently investigating physical evidence in Evan’s car. They also examined Evan’s rate of speed during the collision. Investigators also worked with Cattaraugus County District Attorney’s Office for more information and evidence. They took his blood for examination.

Authorities received a letter from Dahlia’s family which stated that Dahlia will always be remembered as “an amazing mom who never spent time apart from her girls”. Dahlia and her daughters brought a tragic impact on their family.

The GoFundMe organization will cover all the funeral expenses of Dahlia and her daughter. They will also fully cover the medical costs of Dahlia’s other daughter.

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