On Friday in New Jersey, authorities declared a wanted man identified after trying to abduct a 7-year-old boy by giving him candy.

No description available.
Photo from The Daily Caller

The suspect tried to abduct the boy by luring him with candy and offering to leave with him, according to New Jersey State Police.

Thomas Cannon was accused of entering a restroom and offering a certain boy candy to abduct him. The boy was physically grabbed by the suspect in the arm and was forced to leave with him. The incident happened at a store on State Highway 47 in Maurice River.

According to the authorities, Cannon dragged the 7-year-old boy forcefully but he tried to resist Cannon’s grasp and ran to the women’s bathroom where his mom was. The suspect had already left before by the time the boy’s mother learned about the incident and before the police came.

Reports made from the investigation stated that the suspect is named Thomas Cannon, a 79-year-old man, from Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. The suspect was a white man wearing a maroon T-shirt with grey hair. The detectives provided surveillance while doing the investigation wherein it shows the man entering and leaving the store to put more accuracy in the investigation.

The police believed that Cannon left the place with a white Toyota 4-Runner.

On Thursday, Cannon was arrested and charged by the authorities with a third-degree offense, which has a punishment of up to 5 years incarceration.

The incident happened on May 28 in a local store in New Jersey.

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