Currently, among the vast range of platforms for specific purposes launched in an application store, the demands for marketplace ones have burgeoned to a great extent over time. It is because people rapidly satisfy their various purposes by accessing a single solution. There are many players in the super apps market, inclusive of Gojek, Rappi, Snapp, Careem, Hugo, etc.

But Gojek, amongst all of them, has dominated significantly and gained huge hype in a specific sector. It became a unicorn and also the first Indonesian decacorn in a short period. Today, the organization is popular in entire Southeast Asia. Hence, numerous startup owners want to achieve a rise like Gojek by creating a similar platform.

If you are also influenced for making a Gojek like app, then you need to take certain criteria into consideration. Here are some of them, and the parameters by which the cost of building it is affected mentioned. Referring to each of those sections will help you with the same.

5 Market Aspects To Consider While Developing Gojek Like Solution

As a business admin if you are willing to switch your enterprise online and want to create your space in a multi-service segment by receiving a Gojek like platform capable of fulfilling the venture requisites efficiently from a specific firm. So, considering certain things while building Gojek similar solution will assist you with the same.

Experience of Company

The experience plays a massive role in getting a desired application like Gojek. It is because a firm with sufficient industry experience can easily figure out the requirements of your enterprise and can build a solution like Gojek accordingly. While if you are unaware of striking a deal with a specific company, then you may possibly receive a platform created from inexperienced Gojek clone providers loaded with ample errors and technical glitches. Thus, it’s advisable to first observe the experience of the technology partner before shaking hands with them to receive a Gojek similar multi-service app ready. 


Features are key elements that people analyze before start utilizing a solution. So you should enlist only those that are demystifying yet different from other market players. They can be implemented by knowing attributes offered on your rivals’ apps, surveying user preferences, problems faced by people for fulfilling their requirements, etc. Collecting such information will help you know the missing specifications that can be embedded and assist your enterprise in standing apart from others, along with gathering a huge audience through a platform. 

Particular Business Strategy

This is the most crucial element you should focus on while developing a Gojek similar application. There are mainly two types of business strategies, and you need to choose a specific multi-service business model for implementing it on your platform. In addition, select it carefully because it’s comprised of many different elements and will also decide the progress of your venture. Now, the two categories of business strategies are defined below:

  • Vertical: This model is followed by solutions that serve different facilities to users under one roof.
  • Horizontal: Enterprises giving various services related to the same sector follow a horizontal approach.

Type of Application

You might know that numerous kinds of solutions are present in a multi-service segment. Thus, as an entrepreneur, you should pick a specific category from them to create it accordingly for your venture. Basically, the apps are differentiated by their three classes described below:

  • Hybrid: A platform made by writing code of a single programming language and is compatible to run across multiple operating systems is known as a hybrid app. They can be built using Ionic, Objective-C, HTML5, etc. 
  • Native: These applications are the ones that make complete utilization of the device’s peripherals like sensors, cameras, speakers, etc. They are made to run on single operating systems. A Native platform is built using a set of popular programming languages, including Java, Swift, Kotlin, and many more. In addition, they are made compatible to run with only a selected operating system.
  • Web-based: Applications that are similar to ordinary ones, but the only difference between them is web apps require an internet connection to access them. They can be created by utilizing HTML5, Ruby, and other such tech stuff.

As a business admin, you should develop a Gojek similar platform by choosing a particular type from the above-mentioned categories of solutions in which attributes can be implemented. 


You might know that ‘First impression is a last impression.’ So in terms of applications, users always prefer utilizing those that have easy-to-understand yet appealing UI/UX. It can be decided based on page loading time, the design of icons, etc., and many other elements. Thus, you should focus on the design of a solution based on which users determine whether to use your app or not.

By observing the elements mentioned above, you must have learned to take care of certain aspects while making an application like Gojek for your venture. But it may cost you a specific amount, and it’s decided upon several parameters discussed in the next section.

Certain Factors Affecting the Cost of Creating Platform Like Gojek

It might charge some money from you to develop a Gojek similar app for your enterprise. But, there are different parameters, driving the costs of building it higher. If you are willing to know what those factors are? Then there are some of them stated below. They will assist you in reducing the cost of making it to some extent.


Complicacy of an application is the main factor resulting in varying costs of companies for creating it. It can be determined by the blueprint of a solution that involves size, the number of features to be equipped, design, etc. The programmers of particular IT firms require to work on your project accordingly, alongside dealing with a program structure of specific tech stuff. The price of making rises higher on more complexity of an app that is analyzed based on such parameters stated earlier. So, to get a platform similar to Gojek, it’s suggestable to list only mandatory elements within it that will help you in getting it ready at reasonable rates.


Region of the development team also plays a vital role in the cost of building a solution like Gojek. Many parameters are responsible for varying prices of programmers on the basis of their location. They are fees for accessing databases, app publishing charges, different rates using premium features of particular technology or framework, and many other factors playing their roles. Below is a table mentioned. Analyzing it will get you an idea of various costs as per numerous nations:

CountriesRates Per Hour(In USD)
Netherlands$70 – $115
Switzerland$60 – $95
UAE$55 – $80
India$20 – $45
Canada$95 – $135

Number of Programmers

It again comes at complexity and timeline when the number of developers to be occupied by a company is concerned. If you have demanded a simple platform to be ready in a very less amount of time, then a specific firm may require to assign your project among more coders, or else the timeline is sufficient, but an app to be created is complicated enough. Thus, the need for a larger team may occur in any of the above situations. Hence, it’s suggestible for you to keep an application less complex as possible. It will reduce the cost of making it considerably.

Final Words:

You might know that Gojek has become a dominating contender in a super app vertical, and it must have motivated you to get such a solution ready for your venture. Therefore, considering several development aspects and parameters on which the costs of creating it are determined are discussed in this post, which might have provided you with sufficient information regarding the same.

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