A 43-year-old death row inmate has died while waiting for his execution for murdering an elderly couple.

43-year-old Missouri inmate dies awaiting execution for elderly couple's murder
Jesse Driskill

Cause of Death

On June 12, 2023, a 43-year-old death row inmate, Jesse Driskill, died in prison while awaiting his execution. Authorities have thoroughly investigated the cause of death and the autopsy. According to AP News, the sources have not yet revealed the cause of death. As of this day, it was said that there was no schedule of execution for Driskill. However, Missouri executed three people this year.

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Driskill’s crime

In Lebanon year 2010, a report was made that the police convicted Driskill of two counts of first-degree murder to an elderly couple. The authorities have identified the couple as Johnnie Wilson, 82, and Coleen, 76. Reports stated that the couple was celebrating their 59th wedding anniversary when Driskill interrupted their celebration and trespassed into their home in Lebanon. Before killing Colleen, Driskill had sexually assaulted her. 2021 the Missouri Supreme Court upheld his convictions, saying his lawyers were ineffective. Driskill’s motives in crime were not yet disclosed. Moreover, another death row inmate, Johnny Johnson, is scheduled to die on August 1, 2023, for murdering a 6-year-old St. Louise County girl in 2022.

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