$1,000 stimulus check

Los Angeles County will open its application for a $1,000 stimulus check direct payments for 2 years on June 20 and will end on July 3.

$1,000 stimulus check
$1,000 stimulus check application in Los Angeles County will begin days from now. (Photo: CNN)

$1,000 Stimulus Check Direct Payments

Direct payments are guaranteed income programs that the different levels of government are offering to qualified residents. This is to ensure that these residents, especially, low-income households and those who earn less will meet their needs and buy basic commodities.

In a published article in The Washington Examiner, the $1,000 stimulus check direct payments is under the program of Los Angeles County called “BREATHE.” The program aims to ensure that qualified recipients that they are financially secure amidst the growing prices and increasing inflation.

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Qualifications for the $1,000 Stimulus Check Direct Payments

According to a published article in The Gazette, there were around 1,000 people who are about to receive $1,000 stimulus checks for 3 years. The application in the upcoming days is part of the expansion of the program which will add 200 more participants. Here are the qualifications:

  • Applicants must be at least 21 years old and must not turn 24 before Sept. 1.
  • Applicants must also be former Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services foster youth who were in care on or after their 18th birthday.
  • Applicants need to meet include having a household income at or below 100% of the area median income for a single-person household or 120% of the area median income for a household of two or more persons.
  • They also must have been negatively affected by the┬ácoronavirus┬ápandemic and may not be currently enrolled in another guaranteed income program.

Those who will be selected will receive $1,000 for two years. Meanwhile, researchers from the University of Pennsylvania will conduct a study to determine the outcomes of this guaranteed income program.

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